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In 2016, founded by Mr. Mahesh Patel with its headquarter in Ahmedabad city which is known as the megacity in the Gujarat state of India. MJ PLAST is an integrated enterprise of R & D, Manufacturing, Sales, and Services for High-end Plastic Auxiliary Equipment especially Industrial chiller, water / air cooled screw chiller and Intelligent Integrated System Solutions. For 5 years, MJ PLAST is taking customer demand as orientation and creating more benefits for customers, MJ PLAST brand now had become well known in the industry.

Air Cooled Water Chiller


Energy Efficient Air/Water Cooled Compact Chillers suitable for working in high ambient 55°C condition.
Air Cooled Water Screw Chiller


Stainless steel shell & tube evaporator with seamless internally groove copper tubes for higher surface area.
Water Cooled Screw Chiller


Real time on screen Temperatures and Pressure values provide User Friendly Interface.


As an emerging chiller manufacturer of Industrial Water Chiller, Air Cooled Water Screw Chiller, plastic auxiliary equipment, MJ Plast is devoted to being an integrated enterprise for supplying and exporting high-end chilling solution for HVAC System . we have high-end experience and product knowledge that meets industry standards and expectations.

Cooling systems are a crucial part of any manufacturing process. Without proper cooling, equipment can overheat, causing production delays and potentially dangerous conditions. Industrial Chiller provide the cooling product needed to keep the production process operating efficiently and safely.

Chillers are a vital part of industrial processes, providing the cooled water or refrigerant needed to ensure that equipment runs smoothly and efficiently. They can be used to provide process cooling, to cool and condense process water or to generate chilled water for purposes such as air conditioning or building ventilation. Chilling systems can also be used to provide process heating, in which case they provide heat rather than cold, and are often referred to as heat exchangers. They are often used in conjunction with cooling systems, for example to provide process water in a brewery, or to provide chilled water for air conditioning in a building.

Chiller technology has been used to provide process cooling for over a century. Industrial Chiller plants are used to provide cooled water or air for use in industrial processes. They can be used to provide cooling for a variety of processes, including chemical and pharmaceutical manufacturing, food and beverage production and power generation. Chiller plants can be used to provide on-site cooling, or they can be used to provide cooling to an off-site cooling system

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We offer something bigger than your expectations. With Accurate Product Knowledge, we deliver you Reliable equipment using which you can serve your customers in a better way and dominate the markets in which you compete.

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All the equipment we sell is backed by guaranteed service. We run 24 X 7 X 365, so you can do business at ease. You get real customer service from a real person and a solution within 15 minutes of your concern raised. We never rest, so you can make profit.
Industrial Water Screw Chiller Manufacturer