Dehumidifier Manufacturer

A dehumidifier is an electrical appliance which takes out the moisture from the air. It is like a vacuum cleaner. It basically reduces and controls the level of humidity in the air, for health or comfort reasons. It can be used everywhere like for household, commercial, or industrial applications. Those who are looking into such kind of product, MJPlast is one of leading brand in the list of manufacturers, exporters and suppliers of dehumidifier.

The working process of a dehumidifier is it works by drawing warm air into its coils via a fan. The warm air contracts as it grubs through the refrigerated coils of the machine, and condensation is kept inside the dehumidifier.

As and when condensation gathers, droplet of water falls into a storage tank which is connected to the dehumidifier. From other side of machine, Cooler, drier air is then released back into your home. As per the research, ideal level of humidity for your home should be between 40% to 60%.

MJ Plast manufacture two types of dehumidifiers– condensate dehumidifiers and desiccant dehumidifiers.

Condensate dehumidifiers use a refrigerator to collect water which is known as condensate, and it is normally greywater which is usually reused for industrial purposes.

Desiccant dehumidifiers also known as absorption dehumidifiers. They use hydrophilic materials such as silica gel to bond moisture. Cheap domestic units normally hold single-use hydrophilic substance cartridges, gel, and powder etc. Larger commercial units hold hot air recovery systems so that humid air can be removed from outside the room.
MJ Plast provides superior quality of dehumidifiers being a noteworthy manufacturer in India. Moreover, our company is offering their all products at competitive prices.

Benefits of Dehumidifier

• It Reduces the presence of allergens and irritants in areas like basements etc.
• It Makes breathing easier for people who have health issues.
• It helps in reducing pest related issues by reducing the access water in the air.
• It reduces energy costs. It simply means you don’t need to on your AC as it works to reduce humidity in the air.
• It is also powerful to filter the dust ride in the air.
• It protects the household and other things from fungus etc.

Unique Feature

  • Unique Feature:
  • Japan Make Honeycomb Rotor.
  • Rock steady dew point at -50°c.
  • Linear air flow across the surface of rotor.
  • Tabular & low resistance heaters increase response time.
  • In built return air after cooler.
  • Uniform mass air flow ensure that each pellet is dried.
  • Even air & heat distribution throughout the dryer.
  • User-friendly maintenance.
  • Smooth interior surface to prevent air restriction.
  • Efficient drying with minimum down time.
  • Display of return air temperature.
  • Temperature setback to reduce energy consumption when machine throughput is resuced or stopped.
  • Removable spreader cones makes cleaning fast and easy.
  • Sight glass for viewing material level within hopper.
  • Audible and visual alarm on fault.