Gravimetric Blender Manufacturer in India

Those who are in business related to plastic industry and is keen in ordering or purchasing the gravimetric blender which is an item of industrial equipment and used in plastic industry, you are perfectly at the right place to shop. We MJ Plast is manufacturer of gravimetric blenders in Ahmedabad. Besides this, we are exporter and supplier of our manufactured industrial water chillers. Being, renowned in the industry we provide, premium, superior, and incomparable products in quality and in range as well.

As we all know, High performance plastics require precision and perfection in all phases of production unit. Even the slightest deviation from the prescribed ratio of materials leads to products overhead expenses. To solve this major problem, Gravimetric blenders plays an important role. These blenders are used to exactly weigh two or more components and then mix them together prior to processing in an injection machine, plastic extrusion. Meaning thereby it automatically weighs multiple components.

Gravimetric Blender

The features of gravimetric blenders are:-

  • The blender is extremely simple in operation.
  • It has removable hoopers as well.
  • It automatic weighs the material accurately.
  • It can be used in a variety of forms depending on the type of manufacturing process.
  • It reduces human error and increase the quality control.

Moreover MJ Plast has manufactured two types of gravimetric blenders as per the need of customers. First is Loss in weight gravimetric blenders in which material is dropped through the hooper. There are more than two hoopers in loading cell. Whereas the second one is Gain in weight or batch blender in which also two or more hoopers are used but it is arranged above a weigh pan. And each hooper contain a controlling valve to control the dropping of material from hooper to weigh pan.

Key Feature

  • Blends accuracy of 0.5 percentage can be achieved.
  • Instantly monitor your material use.
  • Save up to 10000 recipes.
  • Detachable weighting bin and mixing chamber for easy clean out.
  • Alluminium construction of weighing bin.
  • Wireless fidelity (Wi-fi ) feature for wireless connectivity.
  • Multi-level password protection to prevent data manipulation.
  • Twin load cell for high accuracy.
  • Online Diagnostics on screen for target set point and actual point.
  • Graphical display for easy understanding and operation.
  • High accuracy for dosing lower percentage.
  • Open able material compartment for easy clean out.
Gravimetric Blender Manufacturer