Hopper Loader

If you are looking for the superior and unmatched quality of Vacuum hopper loader which is made up of stainless steel also in affordable prices, then you are at the right place. MJ Plast is there to help you out. Our educated professionals strictly observe the process of manufacturing by providing technical practical knowledge. Its feed plastic raw material into hopper through vacuum conveying. In short, it is a kind of device for loading plastic materials by vacuum. It has multiple names in the market Auto Loader, Plastic Hopper Loader, Vacuum Hopper Loader, etc.so don’t get confused by the names. In The plastic industry, the need of Vacuum hopper loader arises a lot. So, In order to improve production efficiency, the vacuum hopper loader is designed for loading material automatically.

The working style of this vacuum hopper loader is that the hopper loader is placed on top of the destination (drying hopper, mixer, etc) to form the vacuum status. Meanwhile, the material inlet of the hopper loader joins with a flexible tube. And after that, the tube connects with a pickup lance fitted into the material source tank. Most importantly, a small powerful motor creates a vacuum that absorb the material up through the pickup lance. Then the materials ripple through the flexible tube into the hopper of the loader. Moreover, there is a simple control board with programmable Load and Dump times in each loader and this feature allow operators to set a time for loading and dumping materials.

The features of hopper loader is that it is made up of stainless steel to ensure that no contamination of material is there. It has independent filter device, easy clearing filter windows, convenient customer view filter usage, and periodic cleaning. It has a motor protective device which can increase the service life. It is completely a Electrical control system and its Temperature range from -10 to +80°C.

Since MJ Plast is the manufacturer of the Vacuum hopper loader product. We supply our products in various states of India. Moreover, we are also exporter of our manufacturing products. Being renowned in manufacturing we provide extensive range of the products to our valuable customers. Time to time we display the offers as well. For more information about the products and about the MJ Plast.

Unique Feature of Vacuum Hopper Loader

  • Vacuum & Material line located on stationary part canister, so ease in top lid
  • Vacuum & Material line size can be change at any moment of time-just by changing Suitable for output upto 25kg/hr. to 2000 kg/hr.
  • Loader volume size in 07 Itr/15 Itr/30 Itr. Capacity.
  • Stainless Steel 20 mesh disc filter, easily service with no tools.
  • 25 micron paper filter will not allow dust to migrate to blower.
  • All non ferrous material contact surfaces.
  • Pugged stainless steel discharge base with 60 cone section provides.
  • Large material outlet hole provide maximum material discharge in fewer seconds-reduces
  • wide open flapper discharge valve eliminates material bridging.
  • PLC base user friendly control with audio alarm.
  • Stainless steel canister is designed for easy clean out.
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