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There are many types of dryers like oven dryer, microwave dryers, compressed air dryers, vacuum dryers, membrane dryers, dual bed dryers etc. Hot air dryer is one of them. If you are looking for the superior and unmatched quality of Hot Air Dryer then you are at the right place because MJ Plast is one of leading manufacturer, supplier of the hot air dryer. Moreover, being an exporter, they maintain international standards in quality.

A hot air dryer will serve when there is need to remove surface moisture from non-hygroscopic resins. Its working mode is quite simple. It consists of a heater blower which is placed on drying hooper. Ambient air is strained through filter, after that it comes into the heat blower and heated. Again, after heating it passes through the resin granulate in drying hooper before emitted to the factory floor. Its temperature can be adjusted up to 350˚F. It simply means one can adjust the temperature as per the requirement. Here using of ambient air simply means result will depend on prevailing weather conditions. The Main Components are: Drying Chamber, Blower, Air Heater, Air Exchange

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It is extremely beneficial for plastic business. It makes manufacturing easy, more efficient and save lots of time as well as money. It is efficient in cutting down unnecessary business expenses like labour cost. Moreover, it is easy to operate. It is also suitable in preheating plastics It is easy to operate.


air dryer is a flexible machine. It gives more options to smaller business and It is efficient in size that it doesn’t take large amount of space. it is easy to move within workshop area. It has a long-lasting life span because the body of air dryer is constructed from aluminium and stainless steel. It has a high-quality drying process for manufactured parts. The manufacturing process of the dryers are closely and strictly supervised by the highly experienced technicians. MJ plast being a reputable manufacturer in India, provide all products at competitive prices. Even a small company can get the product in pocket friendly range.

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Unique Feature

  • SS 304 internal construction, outer skin carbon steel. No alluminium casting body ensure durability, riding and long life with out any break down.
  • insulated with glass wool.
  • Heater Pipe insulated with glass wool.
  • SS 304 heater pipe gives lifetime assurance of no melting.
  • Air distribution cone designed for even air distribution across the hot air dryer
    Proper drying of plastic granules.
  • Large access window with clamp-ease in maintenance & cleaning.
  • To avoid material degradation – overheat protection mode enable & disable automatically
  • High pressure centrifugal blower with appropriate air flow.
  • Suitable for high drying temperature upto 180 C.
  • Smooth furnace and 60 cone angle ensure that each pellet is exposed to heated drying air for the specified time.
  • Capacity from 30 Itrs. to 2000 Itrs.
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