Industrial Water Chillers Manufacturer in Ahmedabad, India

Over the years, the production of goods has increased exponentially in the current era. With industrialization, the demand for water chillers has also increased. Industrial water chiller is an efficient way to cool things down. It is used in industrial settings, such as factories and manufacturing plants.

A water chiller is a device that is used for cooling water or other liquid by using a heat exchange process. This device is widely used for air conditioners. It is also used in refrigeration and cooling of various liquids which are used in laboratories, chemical industries and other sectors. Basically, this device works on the principle of heat exchange by evaporating the liquid.

We are manufacturer and supplier of two types of industrial water chillers such as air cooled water chiller and water cooled water chiller based on cooling demand. MJ Plast offer both type of water chiller that well-matched for all industrial and commercial applications. We have specializing in Industrial Chillers for over 5 years.

Our executive first visit your site and checked your requirement, then recommend the best type and size to configure the best industrial water chiller for your needs.

Application of Industrial Water Chiller

In many sector cooled water is primary and necessary requirement of many processes. Mainly we supplies our product range in following sector and provide them customize cooling solutions.

  • Anodizing Plants
  • Injection Molding Machines
  • Plastic Auxiliary Processing
  • Chemical & Pharmaceuticals
  • Commercial & Institutional
Industrial Water Chiller Manufacturer

How To Industrial Chiller Works?

An industrial chiller is a machine that uses refrigeration to make a building or an area within a building cooler than the outside air. It accomplishes this by removing heat from a refrigerant.  Industrial refrigeration is used for air conditioning, refrigeration, and process cooling of various types of industrial facilities, including food processing equipment, chemical…

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Industrial Water Chiller Manufacturer

How Does a Chiller & Cooler Work?

You can consider the standards of an  industrial chiller and cooler practically the equivalent. Since both are utilized to cool their expected substance, the two of them have cooling limits. The essential guideline of a chiller and cooler is to cool the expected item and lower the temperature, so there is little distinction in that regard. It’s…

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Water Cooled Water Chiller

Which Industrial Chiller Is Best Either Air Cooled Or Water Cooled ?

There’s no single solution available for this question. Although both chillers function to eliminate unwanted heat from manufacturing processes, they fluctuate in diverse approaches. Deciding which Industrial chiller type quality suits your business technique depends on numerous factors which encompass: chiller condenser mechanisms price variations environmental and region issues In this blog we review the…

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Water Screw Chillers

How Many Types of Industrial Chillers Are There?

An industrial chiller draws eliminates from the objective machine and cools it. The eliminated heat should be depleted by the actual chiller, and as a hotness exhaust technique, there are those that utilization chlorofluorocarbons considered refrigerants and those that comprise of water circuits that course water.  The two significant kinds of modern chillers being used today are air…

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