Mold Temperature Controller
Mold Temperature Controller Manufacturers

Mold Temperature Controller Manufacturer

Mould temperature controller is simple equipment that are used in the plastic injection molding industry eg. Medical plastic industry, automobiles industry etc. Temperature controller are used to preheat the mold and to keep the mold at the temperature set by spreading coolant (water or oil) . To harden the plastic, coolant absorbs heat from the mold and keeps the mold at precise temperature.

The MJ Plast offer superior and great quality Mould Temperature Controller, which is essentially designed to take care of precise temperature of Mould during the Moulding process. It is designed to supply precise temperature control. As one of leading brand in India, MJ Plast is known for its reliability and provide it in different specification as per the demand of customers. This equipment is basically used to improve the quality of injection moulded parts and to keep away from material wastage during injection moulding starting phase.

Features of Mold Temperature Controller

It is compact, simple, and easy to use and install as well. It is suitable for all kind of moulding machine. It precisely controls the temperature. It has computer touch control which is easy to handle. It optimizes energy consumption.

MJ Plast manufacture two kinds of Mould Temperature Controller. One Is available in water and other available in oil and its temperature can be maintained between 40 – 90°C in case of water and 40-150°C in case of oil.

Key Features Of Mold Temperature Controller (MTC)

  • Mold temperature controller (water or oil based) with precise Micro processor control with simultaneous display of set and actual values.
  • Leak stop operation.
  • Mimic Diagram.
  • Water based temperature controller up to 95° C.
  • Oil based temperature controller upto 180° C.
  • Digital display of set and actual value on screen.
  • High temperature steel graded hose pipe.
  • High flow and high pressure powerful pump.
  • Dry running protection of pump by level monitoring device.
  • Automatic water re-feeding provision in water base unit.
  • Corrosion proof material in water line.
  • User friendly control and fault indication.
  • Overload protection of pump.
  • Solenoid valve and NRV on process inlet/outlet connection.
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