Vertical Batch Color Mixer

MJ Plast manufacture Vertical Batch Color Mixer which is made up of stainless steel and essentially used in plastic industry , powder industry, plastic recycling industry etc. it is used for mixing the raw materials, plastic materials like stirring powder, granule materials etc.

It combines the colour to the substance and mixes it before the plastic processing unit. The mixture then follows the plastic injection process for creating the ultimate mold parts.

Features of Vertical Batch Color Mixer

• It has removable blade for cleaning purpose.
• It has timer in it which can be at between 0-30 minutes.
• Its motor ensures low noise.
• It has low energy consumption.
• High productivity and easy to handle.
• It mixes the colour evenly.
• It has automatic stop device.
• It is low price and cost effective
• It is suitable for little scale feed processing.

MJ Plast provides different models as per different loading capacity which sizes are also vary. Being a popular brand in the country it gives an opportunity to new and small industries to grow by providing pocket friendly range to their customers. Moreover MJ Plast is exporter of the products they are manufacturing.

Unique Feature

  • Vertical Structure with castor wheel for high compability.
  • Geared Motor ensures low noise & High Torque.
  • Short mixing period with low energy consumption and high productivity.
  • Stainless steel construction for long life & rust free operation.
  • Large discharge for material dispensing.
  • Removable blade for easy clean out.
  • Equipped with timer which can be set between 0-30 minutes.
Vertical Batch Color Mixer