Volumetric Feeder, Master Batch Dosing System

Volumetric Feeder, Masterbatch Dosing System​

Volumetric Feeder, Masterbatch Dosing System  has ability to feed an extremely broad variety of dry solid materials accurately and reliably. It is a positive method of measuring a selected volume of product and a way to effectively discharge that material, generally over a variable range. MJ Plast provides the good design and quality components that shows our long lasting commitment towards excellence within the design and manufacturing of volumetric feeders and lots of other products.

A volumetric feeder is a dosing system that supplies the production system with a specific and selected volume of material in a set time duration and this process is based on the displacement principle. The dosing speed of a volumetric feeder are selected manually, which can be differ supported the character of the raw input materials. For example, Masterbatch always requires a special speed if compare to dosing of liquid or powder material.

Features of Volumetric feeder

It is a low-price masterbatch dosing system. Its stepper motor speed starts from 0.1 up to 200 rpm. It is durable and fine finishing machine.

For smaller production processes and industries, who are looking to save lots of on dosing equipment, a volumetric feeder is the best one. MJ Plast understand that our clients depend on their feeders to deliver consistent, remarkable results, and each of our product is designed with reliability and the highest level of performance in mind and under the guidance of our well educated and qualified professionals.

Unique Feature

  • Robust Construction and user friendly design equipped with stepper motor for high accuracy and repeatability.
  • Easy clean out with hinged motor assembly.
  • Detachable hopper for quick change additives.
  • Five option of screw for different sizes of master batch & different flow ratio.
  • High temperature working capacity for indian condition.
  • PLC based control equipped with 5″ color touch screen display for quick access to setting and parameters.
  • Easy to synchronize with machine.
  • Inbuilt different modes of program like injection, extrusion or blow molding.
  • No additional singal converters are required for extrusion machines.
  • Dosing capacity from 0.04 kg/hr to 73 kg/hr.
  • Addictive is added directly into the center of the main material flow due to its perfect mechanical placement.
  • Cleanout in less than 60 seconds.
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