Water Cooled Screw Chiller Manufacturers in Ahmedabad

Water Screw Chiller is a device used for cooling water or other liquid by using heat exchange process. This device is widely used in air conditioners. It is also used in refrigeration and cooling of various liquids which are used in laboratories, chemical industries and other sectors. Basically, this device works on the principle of heat exchange by evaporating the liquid.

Mj Plast manufactures and supplies the most comprehensive range of water cooled screw chiller in Ahmedabad, India. We provides vast range of models that are available in each water cooled chiller category to ensure that customer can met with their exact specification and requirements. Fabricated to fulfil the industrial standards.

Our company is ISO certified chiller manufacturing company.  This type of screw chiller is available with high strength compressor that quickly refrigerants process water in critical cooling applications with in-built process pump, expansion valve and evaporate.

Our manufacturing screw chiller is designed to meet efficient, reliable cooling in large industrial applications. Mj Plast Water Cooled Screw Chillers are designed to work within ambient temperature of +55°C while conserving the highest energy efficiency using nominal power.

Assembling and testing norms at our offices are at standard with the best, universally. Introduced hardware is activity amicable and is supported by the equipped designing group to understand the benefit while being in activity.

Water Cooled Water Chiller


They are much simpler and cheaper to build than refrigerant-based systems, but they lack the efficiency and cooling power of their air-based counterparts. Water cooled screw chillers, however, much more powerful at removing heat from large spaces. They are most commonly used in large industrial refrigeration and air conditioning systems, but they are starting to appear in smaller commercial applications as well. They are also used in data centres and in HVAC systems for large buildings. They are sometimes used in commercial refrigeration applications, such as supermarket freezers and walk-in coolers.

Most Important Advantages

Water screw chiller systems use water to transfer heat instead of air. They’re often used in industrial applications where space and weight are concerns. Because water-cooled screw chillers don’t require a pressurized system, they are a cost effective option for small and medium size businesses.  They also require less power than air cooled systems, making them an environmentally friendly choice. The screw type design makes the unit cheaper, lighter and reduces fan noise and air flow requirements.

The primary advantage of a water-cooled system is lower cost. However, the primary drawback is it is less efficient and can be more difficult to operate than an air cooled system, because the water has to be circulated to remove heat, and the chilling capacity of a water-cooled system is limited by the size of the condenser.