Water Cooled Chillers Manufacturer in Ahmedabad, India

MJ Plast is pioneer manufacturer and supplier of industrial water chiller especially water cooled water chiller located in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Many industries uses water chiller to dehumidify and to cool the manufacturing unit where they produce their products which is heat generating process.

In present time commercial industries look for efficient cooling systems and components as part of their production unit to enhance performance and sustainability. We are renowned water cooled water chiller manufacturer that offers wide range of chillers which is essential components in chemicals, injection molding, tool and die cutting food, pharma etc.

The function of these types of chiller is to move heat from one place to another place generally the hot air outside the production unit. It is used water as refrigerant to cool process water in chiller making sure that clients have sufficient cooling to improve productivity and cost savings.

It is a device used to cool water. The water is cooled via the use of an evaporator. This is done by submersing the evaporator in a body of cold water, and pumping water through the evaporator. Water is pumped from the cold water source, through the evaporator, and finally into a heat exchanger that cools the water before it is returned to the cold water source.

Water cooled chiller is the process of running a stream of water through a system of pipes to cool it. This process is typically used in industrial settings when a large volume must be cooled quickly. The water is cooled by running through the system of pipes; when the water comes in contact with the pipes, the temperature of the water lowers. The amount of water that can be cooled depends on many factors, among them the length and diameter of the pipe, the source of the water, and the temperature of the source.

It is a cooling system that does not require a compressor, but uses water as the cold medium. The basic idea is that the process of creating a chiller is to cool water. You take warm water, and make it colder, sending it through pipes to a refrigerator. Then you take this cold water, and put it back in the warm water, making it colder again.

Water Cooled Water Chiller Manufacturer

Key Feature of Water Cooled Water Chiller

  • PLC Controller with HMI 7 Touch Screen LCD Display.
  • Real time on screen Temperatures and Pressure values provide User Friendly Interface.
  • Electronic expansion valve control superheat flawlessly • Water flow, High pressure, Low pressure and Freezing protection ensure longevity.
  • Alarm Fault History and fault logs facility.
  • Compressor Envelop monitoring – To ensure safe compressor operation.
  • Maintenance free high volume water circulation pump.
  • Fault Indications With Trouble Shooting for each fault.
  • Electrical Control Panel Cabinet accommodation all necessary power and control components.